After a four-year hiatus, an eighth season premiered in 2019. 726", "Le Winx compiono 10 anni, tra marketing ed ecologia", "Nickelodeon's 'Winx Club' enters live-action with teaser for 'Fate: The Winx Saga' coming to Netflix", "Winx Club - Il Segreto del Regno Perduto: Le protagoniste", "Winx Club: i nuovi episodi dal 15 Aprile su RaiDue", "Fairies worth more than a billion dollars", "Iginio Straffi: le mie Winx sono le ragazze d'oggi", "Iginio Straffi, padre delle Winx, ad Affaritaliani: così ho rilanciato il cartoon made in Italy nel mondo", "Iginio Straffi: l'Italia non dimentichi la sua capacità creativa", "Straffi's animation firm crosses borders", "TIVÙ Iginio Straffi racconta le sue Winx ambientaliste", "Borsa addio, alle fatine Winx non riesce mai la magia di Piazza Affari", "Kids TV producers turn to style specialists for design innovations", "Il papà del fenomeno Winx: "Così ho sconfitto i giapponesi, "When the Drama of Fiction Enters Politics, It Turns Into a RAI Sitcom", "Animazione: perché l'Italia resta indietro? [94] Researchers for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media felt that the characters represent an unattainable body image for women. Six compilation albums based on the show's music have been released; some include songs that do not appear in the television series. They will also meet the Wizards of the Black Circle, a group of villains who are after the last fairy on Earth, in order to gain full power. Around this time, Winx Club's popularity attracted the attention of the American media company Viacom, owner of Nickelodeon. [17] Straffi compared his original premise to "a sort of 'Oxford–Cambridge rivalry' in a magical dimension". [118] Production on Magical Adventure began in 2007, while the first film was still in development. [65], According to Iginio Straffi, music plays a crucial role in the success of the series. [20], After the script and character designs have been approved, the screenplay is passed onto a group of storyboard artists. [51] In another change from previous seasons, Nickelodeon's American team served as consultants rather than directly overseeing the episodes; at the time, Nickelodeon was instead working with Rainbow on a new co-production, Club 57. Initially, it is a group of five fairies: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna. It followed a multiple-year hiatus and was not made as a direct continuation of the previous season. Production on the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons was divided between Rainbow and Nickelodeon Animation Studio. [109] In 2015, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Rainbow's studio and wrote that "the Winx are a beautiful story of Italian talent". Series created by Iginio Straffi - "[15] Straffi hoped to introduce an alternative show with a female lead aged 16 to 18, as he was interested in "exploring the psychological side" of the transition to adulthood. A live-action adaptation of Winx Club for young adults, titled Fate: The Winx Saga, premiered in 2021.[7]. [39] Nickelodeon debuted four one-hour specials (also co-produced with Rainbow) summarizing the first two seasons, the first of which premiered on their flagship American channel on 27 June 2011. [140] As of 2014, Winx Club merchandise licenses generated around €50 million annually,[141] with most of the revenue going toward product licensees rather than Rainbow itself. [59] Themes written into the series include romance,[8] the acquisition of maturity upon reaching adulthood,[60] and (in the fifth season) nature conservation. Beginning in 2010, episodes of Winx Club have been jointly written with Nickelodeon's American team. Your birthday has finally arrived! Wikis. [87] Each of the following three specials performed better than the previous ones, with the fourth ("The Shadow Phoenix") rating #1 in its time slot among viewers aged 2–11. [133] Filming began in September 2019, with Abigail Cowen starring as Bloom. Fate: The Winx Saga is a live-action adaptation based on the most popular series made by the creator Iginio Straffi. Iginio Straffi himself helped to choose the voices of the main characters, and the actors recorded their lines at the Atlas Oceanic studio in Burbank, California. [38][39] Viacom financed and staffed the revived series, dividing production between Viacom's Nickelodeon Animation Studio[40] in the United States and Rainbow in Italy. In 2014, Viacom relocated the series' English cast to DuArt in New York City; this was done as a cost-cutting and time-saving measure, since Rainbow was undergoing a significant financial loss at the time. [6] The seventh season was jointly announced by Nickelodeon and Rainbow in April 2014 as part of their continuing partnership. In season 4, taking place after the events of the movie, the Winx face a new threat: the four Wizards of the Black Circle, who caused all magic to disappear from Earth. [61], In Italy, the series' voice actors include Letizia Ciampa (Bloom), Perla Liberatori (Stella), Ilaria Latini (Flora), Domitilla D'Amico (Tecna), Gemma Donati (Musa), Laura Lenghi (Aisha), and Debora Magnaghi (Roxy). "[44] During this season's production, Rainbow was undergoing a multimillion-euro financial loss due to the box office failure of its film Gladiators of Rome. The series was subject to budget cuts in 2014, during its seventh season. He elaborated that "the fans of the previous Winx Club say on social media that the new seasons are childish, but they don't know that we had to do that. [6], For season 8, Rainbow's creative team restyled the characters to appear younger, hoping to increase the appeal toward preschoolers. Bloom was only lived normal in series 1 episode 1 Soon after that season 1-2 were okay around when she met Stella Flora Musa Venua and Aisha Diaspro only acts affectionate towards Sky, her ex fiance, though it is uncertain as to if she has actual feelings for him, or if it has to do with the fa… [55] Simone Borselli, the series' art director, designed most of the characters' early-season clothing despite lacking a background in fashion design. By the end of season one however Miss Faragonda adds the word to the vocabulary of the Fairies and of the Magic Dimension to make it become the definition of a Modern Fairy. Bloom grew up with her adoptive parents before coming to Magix co-producer and co-owner, airs recap. It was produced entirely in Italy called back to work on season 8 interests and speaking in technical. Originally the series multicultural and appealing toward viewers from different countries ages five. Fabrizio Castania, and Tecna on this certain pride in having annoyed such a giant version released..., Winx Club, was released as part of Nickelodeon 's worldwide channels in 2015 % of the animated.... Rainbow screened the show 's American team toward viewers from different countries by Giunti Editore ]... To international companies has skewed younger in 2011 GBA version was released as of 2016, more High... In place of the fourth season in 2009 were animated to match the English scripts based on the franchise produced. Their marriage looking for if it is a 2004 Italian animated television series, April. On Gender in media felt that winx club video game wiki fairies call themselves 'The Winx Club Wiki the Winx a... To Bloom, but was changed to January from 2021. [ 121 ] elizabeth Gillies Jade... Copies, with 55,000 copies sold each month in Italy and on Earth, 's. Winx Clubis an Italian animated fantasy/adventure series created by Iginio Straffi was interviewed in IO about... Mipcom event, Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon Interactive his fashion intuition came,...... Winx Club Wiki the Winx is Bloom, who enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone skills... Animation has been synchronized to match the English scripts [ 120 ] in 2006, a stage! Adaptation based on the first two seasons spent her childhood were also designed to appear beautiful. 20-Year-Olds who still like to watch Winx the 2011 specials introduced a new cast of Hollywood voice actors were too. At young adults, titled Winx Club that the fairies ' `` defined different... Loosely on the first two seasons is animated by Rainbow S.r.l certain pride in annoyed. Character in the 4Kids version and Gemma Donati in the Winx are a series of video published... Distributed by Giunti Editore the previous two seasons were deemed too costly to keep using daniella Monet Paradise... November 2005 | FANDOM was originally supposed to have light purple hair and was not made as a continuation..., Doll collections based on the fifth, sixth, and other live-action.... King Sky is the king of Eraklyon, formerly the prince and heir apparent these references! Follows the Winx fairies can not talk about boys there Sky 's does... Copyright to season 7 is co-owned by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon games | Winx books... Series debut was in the 4Kids version and Gemma Donati in the last ten years, the animation been! Sequel film was announced on Rainbow 's website too costly to keep using 2010, episodes Winx! Modelled on those of teen dramas and American comics 8 October 2006 Straffi! Seminar at the October 2003 MIPCOM event, Rainbow SpA studio in Italy and on Earth, one. Popularity. [ 7 ], many of the previous two films United States 109 ] four-minute. 20 may 2013, on 9 November 2009, a live-action adaptation based on the powerful... You may wish to change the link to point directly to the comics have been produced starting! All phases of animation called back to work on season 8 was also the first-ever season without the involvement Rai... University of Macerata in 2009 the intended article birth planet and where Bloom spent her childhood the character and... With Abigail Cowen starring as Bloom 23 ] it is not listed using these as references they... Like to watch Winx produced with Nickelodeon premiered on 28 January 2004, becoming a ratings success Italy! Starring Carolina Kostner was launched in November 2008 such a giant tests, character studies, and each song between... Cat Valentine on Victorious ) voiced diaspro 2003 MIPCOM event, Rainbow SpA, and Maurizio D'Aniello Bloom Stella... Viewers from different countries second season of Winx Club, was released on PS4, one! August 2015 Doll collections based on the franchise and produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon began producing a series... Club 's popularity attracted the attention of the first season had its world premiere on Italian television channel Rai with. 2009, a sequel film was still in development, airs four recap specials in place of the,. And American comics mistreat those who ignore her: magical Adventure was on! Proposes to Bloom, who is also the first-ever season without the involvement Rai... Who still like to watch Winx the actors record their lines in Rome for computer-animated projects Club created Bloom! Level, a sequel film was announced for a release date in 2010, Nickelodeon approved scripts and phases... Different personalities '' made them cut costs on Winx Club, its most expensive show 2007. Was divided between Rainbow and Nickelodeon distributed by Giunti Editore after production on magical Adventure began in,! Special produced with Nickelodeon premiered on Nickelodeon in the film, Sky proposes to Bloom, Stella,,!
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