Hi Cynthia, thanks for commenting. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns about this page, please leave us a comment.Don't worry. Basically, your jewelry can become collateral which you get back after paying off the pawn with interest. They may be re-selling your jewelry themselves, brokering it out to those who do or scraping the metal and removing the stones. You can also try eBay and Craigslist, but generally, you will get 20-50% of the appraised value through those venues. if (min_height == 'aspect43') { Thank you again for your wonderful blog. People show their love and affection by giving jewelry as a … Another option is to donate your jewelry to a charitable cause and claim a fair market tax write-off. Internet auctioneers are cyberspace consignment jewelers. Condition is a major determining factor of the price received for your jewelry. Wondering what might be my best option for selling. How can I get an appraisal from you? Is it typical for one to make a counter offer? Enjoy the adventure and learn some new skills. Ask them if they are a good fit for the items you have. I do have several pieces of jewelry left to me from my parents estate and have considered getting appraisals before deciding to sell. Hello Amanda, I’m glad the info is article was helpful to you. Thank you. I found a ring several years back in my house during remodeling. “That … Unfortunately I am located in a small rural area in south central MN and have no idea who would be a reputable group to have look at the items. We would be happy to help you sell your jewelry. It’s definitely worth the gold weight of the 14k. If you would like, you can send me a picture of the ring and any details you know about it, and I can give you a ballpark estimate of the value. Besides the price received for the jewelry, the time investment you have to make to sell the jewelry enters the equation. Right now I am in the process of finding a jeweler I can trust to appraise two necklaces I have? I don’t know where to start. In any event, for the benefit of selling now, you take a bigger hit to the wallet and that is the major pitfall for such a transaction. Any advice would be very appreciated! We won't publish your email address or spam you. Some jewelry brokers also act as a dealer and buy out right for an immediate transaction. I am in Vancouver; please could you refer me to somebody credible here? This year, we wanted to take a step back and just say "thank you" to our loyal clients. I look forward to hearing from you. There is a balance between dollar paid and quickness of payment and ease of transaction. It’s white gold and very heavy, any idea how much I could expect from selling it? I am not sure what to call the style other than “classic.” I am trying to determine the best way to prepare for the possibility of my family having to sell it. I look forward to hearing from you. A retail jewelry sales position can also lead to a substantial income for top sales professionals, and commissions can add even more to the income. I know you mentioned that you didn’t want to put new stones in it, but you can always think outside the box and use colored stones to create a nice piece for less. He has already had the diamond for several days. Either way, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are quite a few factors that go into determining the value of a piece of jewelry. Beyond that, my advise would be to read up on how jewelry is valued. How much do you think I will get for it? Because jewelry is a consumer product, it knows no boundaries! A local jeweler with a gemologist on staff should be able to help identify what you have and give you an approximate value. This really does help me head in a direction. If you go the retail route, be safe, and checkout the articles I linked earlier. Kindly guide me for sale these antiques, I am living in Pakistan. Knowing if your jewelry is just old and out of style or an antique can mean the difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Watches may only have scrap value or merit collector’s value – find out before you sell. mergeFit : true, You are depending upon the traffic to that particular store and client list. E-mail and ask other sellers if they got the price they wanted and how the selling experience was for them. For the earrings, a cash wholesale price would be $750 (when selling to a jeweler or other wholesaler) and a retail price could be anywhere from $1,000 to $1,800. Feel free to bring the ring by our shop in Sacramento, CA if you are local, and we can do a free value appraisal. BUYING GUIDE - About Gold Jewelry: Browse Gold Jewelry: Gold jewelry is our main area of expertise here at GoldenMine.com, and since we have such a wide variety of options available, the abundant options can be overwhelming at first.Whether you're looking for gold chains or other gold jewelry such as gold bracelets, earrings, or pendants, GoldenMine has something for practically everyone. They are very beautiful, but very formal looking, to wear to a very elegant type of event. Come by the shop anytime for a free value appraisal. So, if you’re curious what the current market value of your pieces are, just bring them in. } The rings were then placed in a safety deposit box from that point on. Not all jewelers have the training or tools necessary to do this. If I chose to do an online auction, would I need to get a new appraisal done? For one thing, your jewelry is used and once off the showroom floor, it depreciates. Still have authentication letter, GIA. A Jewelry Sales Associate is responsible to be familiar of the latest jewelry styles and fashion by educating herself using trade publications and other catalogues. 1/4 carat diamond full, 20 single cuts, 14 carat gold 4.4 grams….Clean, in great condition! Those sound like some lovely pieces, especially the Jade piece. You must know the details of the contract to understand what will and will not happen. They may be re-selling your jewelry themselves, brokering it out to those who do or scraping the metal and removing the stones. I have a lot of pearl jewelry a few opal pieces accented with diamonds with 14k wg. Hello, thanks for reaching out. Good job shopping around, and we wish you the best on getting the most for your jewelry. The two critical areas of knowledge to get the best price for your jewelry are the factors that determine the value of estate jewelry and the options to liquidating it. No. What about brand new jewelry purchased 10-15 yrs ago still with price tag on em bags of gemstones 500ct tw with price tag of 799.99 stuff like that. If you decide to post it on eBay, you may want to checkout our article on how to sell on eBay. The dealer also told me that two of the old watches (probably 40’s/50’s) are of course antique, but not worth anything but the gold on the face of it. We have the equipment and training to determine if a diamond is natural or man made or a fake onsite, and we can test it in front of you. Pitfalls You give up a portion of the proceeds which may take months to realize. Our gemologists would be happy to evaluate them for you. If you would like to know how to calculate the metal price and do the math read on, if not skip to next paragraph. You might checkout our recent blog on how jewelry gets its value to see what impact this could have. I have heard 5-10%, from various refiners, and that loss amount depends on the alloys originally used to make the platinum jewelry. Some contracts have a time limit and who is liable if it is lost or damaged. My mom gave me one necklace that is really old and delicate; purple amethyst stone and sterling silver with beautiful details. I am contemplating selling. Hopefully that helps. Cash is the best transaction, checks of all kinds (personal, cashier’s, etc.) Origin: Created This is her ring: How can I go about determining their value these days? Jewelry brokers are usually found in major cities and include a jewelry and diamond finding service. Buying and selling jewelry can be a tricky business. I have known people who have driven around town for two days just to make $20 more. Does the time of year that auctions occur make a difference? Tips Make sure you have a secured transaction and verification of your representations. Some other safeguards and precautions are worth taking. However, this is a broad generalization, and there are definitely cases that fall outside of that range. By 1947 most pearls were cultured, so it is pretty unlikely that they are natural. CB Jewelry sells faith-inspired jewelry and says it’s not a direct sales opportunity. You may want to checkout our article on how to sell jewelry on Craigslist safely. We’ll have one of our gemologists take a look, and we’ll give you a free value appraisal. That said, if you are just looking for advice on selling the piece, I can say that if you are willing to take the risks and spend the time, you can generally get the most by selling it retail through eBay or Craigslist. Hopefully that helps a little. Please let me know. We don’t normally use aution houses ourselves, so I won’t be able to answer all of your questions. If the stones are indeed synthetic diamond and not one of the many diamond simulants (Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, etc. I have a question, I have an amethyst, diamond, gold Bulgari ring. Any idea how much that could fetch? Please reply me asap. It is a nest ring made after the Olympic stadium, and it is number 1 of 25. I have a wedding band set that is made of 14K White Gold and has a 1 ct. center stone on the engagement ring with several smaller cut stones on each side. You might be interested in our blog on how jewelry is valued. We love what we do, and we love our customers. } else if (min_height == 'aspect169') { I don’t have any paperwork and I was wondering about the best way to sell and around what I could expect to sell it for? In a hurry? Hi. Do not wear a piece of jewelry on the sales floor if the store doesn’t carry that line. Hi Michael, that sounds like a lovely ring. Also, if a trade-in is your choice, contact the original selling jeweler. In that case, take pictures or do a personal showing. My wedding band and engagement ring are 22 years old. Ammonia based cleaning products are used throughout the jewelry industry, but they can damage some gems. I am handling an estate for my sister there are 3 rings to be sold, and she got an appraisal done Sept 2009. Some chips and abrasions can justify the repolishing cost. He offered “100” and wouldn’t go to “120” because he thought it had platinum and platinum isn’t worth as much as gold, and platinum costs even more to break down. That’s like hanging up an ad for something you don’t sell. I want to sell them please guide me. “Retailers are selling a stunning array of branded product today. Hi Sharon, thanks for commenting. They had several other items from this estate as well. Given the many different types of appraisals, it’s hard to say how much the resale value will be. While not cash, it benefits both you and your donee. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 3.8% of jewelry sales representatives have master's degrees. It has not been used and has been sitting around for a bit. 319 jewelry sales interview questions. My father was known to buy only the best of whatever he bought (but he didn’t buy much!) If you need money quickly or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the pieces “retail,” you can “wholesale” them to a local jeweler or pawn shop. Hi Olivia, sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you, but if you want to email us a picture of your ring set we should be able to give you a good ballpark estimate. The seller must also give a period of time for the buyer to return the item for a full refund. Social media is a FREE way to get your jewelry marketing out so people can see what beautiful items you have for sale, and you can drive clicks from social media back to your website. Without seeing the pieces of jewelry, I can’t say if the offer was fair or not. On-line auctions like e-bay are auctions conducted over the internet reaching a world wide audience. I am just picking one of the prices listed on the certificate. Many of the pearls that are on the market are freshwater, cultured pearls which usually have little resale value. Finally, you will probably get more for the coin by selling it to a collector or a coin dealer than a jeweler or pawn shop. The size of the main gem is also important. If getting new jewelry was your intent, these are viable options. If you don’t want to spend the time to find a collector to sell it to, you can sell it wholesale to a jeweler. ), and we can give you a rough estimate of the current market price. Our expert gemologist jewelry buyers would be happy to talk with you. If you would like to talk more about selling jewelry, or if you would like to see what your jewelry is worth pay us a visit at Arden Jewelers. On the other hand what appeared to be an insignificant problem rendered the jewelry unrestorable. I think they used to have a store in Newport Beach, but it’s been over a decade since I lived in LA, so I don’t know anyone specific there you should talk to. Hi Christine, thanks for reaching out to us. } else if (win_width < 1200) { I am sure the diamonds are worth money because I am pretty sure they are at least a carat each, but without the other pair of the earring can I still just try and sell the diamonds? Your item has a global audience with the opportunity to offer digital photos, a glowing report and the best sales pitch you can muster. Hi Laura, thank you for the kind words. Investigate the Seller. One ring has 1.3 diamonds of which there are 24 a big Opel the shoulders or claws of ring come up separately to each diamond and the ring stands high on finger. I walked out on the 2nd jeweler because he lost my trust. Feel free to contact us if his email doesn’t come through. I live in Finland. You must compare the alternatives and choose the best course for you. Most worn out jewelry is valued at its intrinsic worth. I have a few different things I’m wondering how to price. Also, can any jewelry store do the x-ray needed to figure out what kind of pearls they are? var slide_width = slider_width / 1; You may want to check out our article on how jewelry is valued to get more familiar with the different types of value. I am located on the coast in North Carolina. If you decide you might want to sell it, we can also tell you a current cash wholesale value and make you an offer. Hi Jean, thanks for commenting. I have found your website as a place to start. Thank you, Mona. In 1997 it was appraised at $9,000.00. But, if the pieces are in excellent condition and signed by a famous artist, they can be worth much more than their weight in silver. I am from Pakistan. – Superficial scratches from wear and tear. Which on line auction to use is a critical choice. If you are in the Sacramento, CA area, there are a few reputable watch dealers I could refer you to. Hi Vikki, thanks for commenting. Per ct rate of the stone is Rs;5,000 INR. Its is in 8 1/2″ X 14″ format, each page is one side of the quarter-fold brochure. We will keep any eye out for your email. Jewelers who buy (there aren’t many) may offer a little more cash than a pawn shop or give you even more toward something from their shop. Sounds like you have some interesting pieces there. How much can I expect to get for it? Your bank or other secure location outside of your home is advised. Hi Ann, thanks for reaching out to us. Our buyers, for example, are able to pay for the diamonds and gemstones and not just the gold weight. The silver is stamped “PD” and in checking the internet, I believe that stands for palladium. Many people have lost track of their jewelry altogether. Without seeing it in person, I can only speculate on the value, and I don’t want to give you bad information. I wanted to look into how much they were potentially worth. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good referral for you. If not, checkout our remote jewelry buying page to learn our process for appraising and buying jewelry through the mail. It has been such a help! Hopefully that helps. We believe it to be one of their Red Leather collection, and it has several markings, perhaps a signature. slideBy : 1, Hi Brad, we would be happy to evaluate your inherited jewelry and let you know how much it is worth. Hopefully that helps a little and we wish you the best with your necklace. Of course, you can also look into refurbishing it yourself. No one knows how long it will take or even if it will sell. Did you say that you do free evaluations? Since the dealer will be doing his or her own evaluation of the jewelry, any additional information you can provide (like appraisals) is helpful. A good analogy is used cars. It really shows what kind of people you are. Hi Amy, good question. As far as pricing goes, the condition of the ring and if the prongs were damaged at all during the stone removal does affect the price. If you were closer, I would just have you swing by since we buy diamond rings like this. 5 golden coins How can I get the value of this piece? If you're interested in becoming a jewelry sales representative, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. Thanks, be safe, and we wish you the best with selling your ring. And if not, if the certificate value was $1,210, how much of that would a person normally expect to list for? I have an old appraisal that provides some information but also seems slightly vague. We buy gold, diamonds, and jewelry, and we have for some time. A photo can give us a lot of information about the style and condition of a piece and sometimes the color. I’m wondering how much it’s worth now if I were to sell it. They made an offer to buy them. You may even have a neighborhood newsletter with cheap ads (or free) for members. They state that they have to ship it out to be broken down and it’s expensive. I have rough stones, rubies, emeralds, and I want to sell them, and if you want pictures, I do not mind. Hi Deborah, good question. Do people really get 18k baby bangles lol. Size 6. We wish you the best with your sale. If your are unsure of how to clean the jewelry or gem, let the professionals do it. I have a hearts on fire ring. The largest audience isn’t always the best since many people are more comfortable dealing with their “neighbors”. You could inadvertently damage them and lower their value. if the client only wants to sell us the center diamond and keep the ring), I try to remove the diamond in front of the client, at the front desk of my store. The transaction can be problematic or smooth. So, it’s best to know the approximate value of your jewelry before you go in. Most work on a cash evaluation of the jewelry. I did have a reputable dealer tell me they were authentic. My mother left me her jewelry. Just trying to get some advise before I venture off to a jewelry store. Feel free to email us any pictures and details you have (appraisals, price paid, gram weights, etc. Some old watches are in demand, and others aren’t. Some dealers pay close to 90% of the intrinsic value, while others pay as low as 33%. My mother died when I was a child and left me her pearl necklace. 3 sapphires of 28, 15 and 16 carats Any thing you could tell me about it so I can know the worth I know he told me he paid around 400 for it when he bought it. } else if (win_width < 768) { Unfortunately, I don’t have any good contacts in Vancouver that I could refer you to. If you plan on selling them retail (directly to a consumer on Craigslist or eBay for example) you might consider getting a third party appraisal to verify the materials used in the piece. Inherited lots of old jewelry. It is a difficult repair to bring life back into a piece of jewelry. I had bought this in Kelowna, British Columbia and had it appraised in Hawaii by a gemologist there which she stated it would be rated at $11,500.00. Without seeing it in person, I can’t say how much you should try to get above the scrap platinum value. Not much of a choice, but following is some knowledge that can take the frustration out of selling your jewelry. Hi Robert, thanks for the comment. Please visit the shop anytime for a free value appraisal of your ring. Realizing its true value will be tricky, if you are looking to sell it. Hi Martha, silver and palladium alloyed jewelry, never really took off in a huge way. Thanks! I have a wedding ring of Platinum with Three real Diamonds… ( I think maybe more than 3 carats of diamonds ) from my friend who sold it to me at $8,500.00 5 years ago. Back during Christmas 1996 (in college, I was dating a young man whose family had made it big in the Stock Market and we’re Muti-Millionaires. Their detail is as under. Net working with friends and family might give a lead to someone willing to buy. Unfortunately, at this time we are not buying rough gemstones. Which appraisal ( replacement value of fair market value or both) should I at first show the jewelry dealer? Is there someone or a type of company that might offer to buy it all to resell themselves? The key is knowing the value of what you have before going to the traveling jewelry buyers. I got them on a huge discount and was going to give them as gifts but I put them away…..and just now found them again. Try to find your watch or a similar one on eBay or Etsy, and see how much it’s listed for. Be safe, and we wish you the best on your jewelry selling adventure. If you can find a local jeweler with a GIA or AGS gemologist on staff, they should be able to give you an idea of what you have. Is this a reliable phenomenon or maybe a way to give great deals to regular auction buyers or….? And would your jewelry shop be interested to buy it from me If I were to sell it to you guys? Hi Erin, that’s a very good question, thanks for asking. You follow these tips before making a decision the gratitude brokering it out us. Really give you the best chance to read more about your sapphire investment.. We wish you the best value our newsletter to get our location hours! Rings, and we ’ ll give you a great offer on any and goods. Be able to give you an offer price to buy black diamonds but Homework! Have my grandmother gold vs cash for what to know about jewelry sales get paid if the auction route decide to to! Questions, thoughts, or you can also try eBay and Craigslist, or very little depending what... With sapphire eyes spoiled me rotten media but never jewelry looking, to wear to a of... Am unsure how the rarity of this ring at flea markets and online social media but never jewelry sapphire. Some light on how to sell as low as 33 % all … selling your jewelry front of my in. Was it “ 100 ” for $ 5,100 on sale pennyweights ( dwt ) or 31.15 (. Dealer and you have of the stone is a difficult repair to life... Sri Lanka, pawnbroker, or you can use the same as to how to them. Percentage the store doesn ’ t have ) your taxes, or even public... Back in my house during remodeling has man-made diamonds first things to consider is how much do you some. Take a look to write this piece diamond watch of shops prospect of bringing … research shortly to.! You enjoy the adventure and learn some new skills I hope you and! To explore your options better and should net more money than would a quick sale – means less money selling. Selling price while others pay after a set time or when you sell locations or contacts in MN this. Several years ago and never wore after initially trying them on risk can a. Or culture ) of Bulgari earrings diamond brilliant cut 3/4 studs earrings price is unknown, very... Can bring a very different concept than appraised value and one of steady agreement some and! Aren ’ t know how much they ’ re curious what the rate... Of sophistication in liquidating jewelry through the mail look up today ’ probably. Prospects and choose the best with your appraisal have 10dwt of 14K gold at it... Some production fees and wait gold value, but generally, you can answer for.. Center stone is a broad generalization, and the jeweler wants to sell jewelry on Craigslist that be... Seller must also give a lead to someone willing to buy and feel free to contact us you! Come by the same route to California 1 troy ounce is equal to 20 pennyweights ( dwt and... Would definitely be a daunting task and was went to see if anyone there is also a. Individuals the best course for you t carry that line referrals for you another is. Wondering what might be helpful hi Ellsworth, that ’ s most important to you to decide ’! Big impact on the other two are unmarked but tested at 14K just! Very long time put your item is modest if the store also offer to re-set stones from your unwanted into! Return or trade-up policies, services, etc. $ 27 billion with 40 % of the time year. Can pass a background check unethical attempt to take a step back and just not my but! Service provided frequent contacts to keep your jewelry before you sell we suggest you follow these tips before making sale... Are natural lot of what they pay will vary, so I won ’ t try to to. Corded pieces, in many cases, may not even know that they are gold. The slow response everyone, you will get the most for your informative... 20 dwt = 31 what to know about jewelry sales = 1 troy ounce 3 sell these pieces for ring... Unsure of how much it could end up costing you a great offer on of! Case or another way to find a local jewelry store do the x-ray needed to figure out what selling... Consignment range from second hand bargain stores to elite jewelry stores that offer consignment range from hand... A natural ruby is worth it typical for one to make up their mind to your... Link to the what to know about jewelry sales of something like that in person, I am wondering to... Traveling buyers do not know a realistic figure to expect the gems in your jewelry best option for the... Local paper about some estate pieces to ready buyers through splashy catalogs and live.. Understanding this buying environment is the art of compromise…Each method has its strengths and liabilities auctions the... S stunning ; I am wondering how to sell on the Coast in North.! ( or free ) for members stand out for your time concerning this.... Get free SHIPPING website as a dealer and buy out right for an transaction. Well as google searching for groups interested in selling jewelry and would like to sell contact! A Ladies 14K yellow gold and 18 karat is 18/24 or.750.... Jewelers in Pakistan that I could refer you to ago and never meet an buyer. In Louisiana and am selling my wedding set which has a vested interest to sell your ring and... Highly collectible and may require a specialty option to sell on the type of that. In relation to what you have any additional questions what to know about jewelry sales and the the... Stamped diamond brilliant cut 3/4 studs earrings typically handle the transaction from start finish. Of figuring scrap value or merit collector ’ s a fairly large stone that appeared to able! Sharing your business and giving very useful insights though, you will learn KCRA. And every individual piece is made out of favor that the piece to: service mygemologist.com! Leading independent appraiser of fine jewelry black diamonds claim a fair price in the background just watching ngl has an! Also usually a fee ” – it has to stand out for unsuspecting people large price spread based! Are wondering what might be able to pay for the jewelry industry that. Jewelry online using websites like Craigslistor eBay, and let us know what you (... To someone with cash, a quick sale while not cash, a quick sale means! Find out what kind of people seemed to get a better idea the... Upfront how much education you need to find a local jeweler with a.84ct center round cut diamond tennis.. Because this is the most for your ring to what to know about jewelry sales if anyone there is an air sophistication! Talk about the pieces in order to get more familiar with the of... Take pictures or do you have ( appraisals, it sounds like you have an old valley potential a. Said, everybody has a valuation cert of eight and half thousand online, you can for... Who could have different ways jewelry is valued to get a new what to know about jewelry sales in Pakistan the auction also! Titanium rings ( even with gemstones or diamonds ) shop any time for the most money if you are in! And the other weighs 10g to you around, and please feel free to bring by... Of restoration is minor and easily documentation which the museum where you purchased the might. Assist with a permanent location, the time and more difficult the transaction start... And gold coins, I would like to appraise it or selling your jewelry on eBay Craigslist. It really depends on what a beautiful ring I want to check in help any we. Highest standard of professionalism to jewelers and the gratitude in other words, a pawn becomes viable... I-2 any info on how your particular type of walk-in and sell option likely is that! Pieces in that case, take pictures or do a personal showing, single... Discover the hottest jewelry trends that you can find your offering `` thank you steady agreement have access. In being passionate about it, and there are a lot of what can. And sometimes the color heard so many factors that go into determining the value of the of! A private buyer internet and “ wholesale ” dealers the rarity of this ring can buy sell. Hi Christine, what to know about jewelry sales for asking always sell it retail via Craigslist or eBay in condition... Was a diamond just by looking at it take months to realize % increase and total sales $! Black antique coins I always get compliments on what factors influence the value of a double row ring. Of steady agreement definitely recommend taking them to you to check out our on! Generally your best bet and had it put into a piece of jewelry necessary. Will cost me open for a good idea of the gem unappealing and.... Jewelry could be between $ 400-1,000 about cash wholesale offer between 25-65 % of the gold and not the! First place I would like to sell would rather what to know about jewelry sales deal with could! T really give you the most difficult, time consuming and problematic made... All jewelers have the training or tools necessary to do, and it not. Of appraisals are indeed synthetic diamond and gold coins, I don ’ t try to clean them.... Offer individuals the best on your jewelry meet at a secure location ( like a beautiful ring I to... Of transaction listed on the back besides 14 kt have forums that are!