I say Gladius has got this comfortably. Bartholomew Kuma | Kaku, Marines Miss Merry Christmas | Dellinger A fighting-fish fishman and member of the Donquixote Pirates. Art Captain: "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin As Cavendish prepares to use Biken: Blue Bird and Gladius inflates his wrists in preparation for Bracchium, they are surprised and interrupted by Bartolomeo charging toward them with Barrier Bulls, which sends several of Gladius's subordinates flying. Cavendish tells Bartolomeo to let him in when he is in danger again, but Bartolomeo merely makes faces at him, prompting Cavendish to run off into the smoke while promising to teach him a lesson. Mohji | Others: Daikoku | Batman | Whilst remaining his cheerful self, he questioned Gladius as to the reason of his delay regarding the battle. Charlotte Pudding | Kanji However, when Robin sees Hakuba running up the cliffside toward her, she grabs and restricts him with several arms sprouted from his body. Buggy Pirates He defeated Bellamy a older pirate worth 195,000,000 Berries and without effort, he also easily defeated, Suleiman, Ideo, Blue Gilly and Dagma. Noko | Minokoala | "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro | Vander Decken IX | Snakeman | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Dellinger?oldid=4142479. Scarlet, Kid Pirates He was only defeated by Cavendish thanks to the latter's Hakuba form. Seeing Hakuba preparing to attack, Bartolomeo removes his barrier and tries to grab him, only for Hakuba to disappear and begin moving toward Robin as Bartolomeo begs him to not go after her. Caesar Clown, Emperors' Crews Dellinger is a slim teenager with shaggy shoulder-length blonde hair and a generally effeminate appearance.His clothing is simple, consisting of light-colored hoop earrings (white in the anime) on his ears, a white baseball cap with horns coming out of it on his head and a mark on the center of his hat shaped like a dark fighting fish (colored blue in the anime), a long sleeved shirt with a giraffe-like design on it, blue shorts, and dark purple stilettos. Donquixote Doflamingo | It was then revealed that Cavendish had made the transformation into Hakuba. Buggy "the Clown" | In the past, Big Mom stood as such a … Buffalo | "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach, Impel Down Staff He sports a ruffled white v-neck shirt under a coat draped over his shoulders. Officers: Zephyr | Headliners: (Tobiroppo: Page One | One Piece has led quite a journey for the Straw Hat pirates.While there have been plenty of wondrous sites and friendships to behold, Luffy and the gang have had their fair share of trials and tribulations, many of them at the hands of the series iconic villains. Monet Hakuba vs. Dellinger! In the manga, Dellinger is defeated after Hakuba's first slash. Alpacaman | Officers: Charlotte Perospero | After telling Bartolomeo that offense must come after defense, Cavendish exits the barrier as Bartolomeo promises to not let him inside next time. "Death God" Doc Q, Golden Lion Pirates Name: Dellinger Origin: One Piece Kurozumi Orochi | The crew was once based in the North Blue at a port town called Spider Miles. Having a pair of horns, he can use them to gore his foes through headbutts in a spear-like fashion attack, a technique he has shown to be proficient with, but one can still immobilize him by catching and not letting go of his horns. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Doflamingo has some faith in him since he assigned him the task of killing Bellamy. Mr. 1 | His mother or father was probably kidnapped during this time and sold as a slave. Dellinger severely wounded Bellamy but before he could kill him, Bartolomeo interfered and protected Bellamy with his barrier. Being born a hybrid human-fishman, Dellinger is stronger than the average human, going by his ability to lift cannonballs at two years of age without problems and the fact that fishmen are supposedly ten times stronger than humans, but it's unknown if he is as strong as an average fishman in relation to a human. He wears a long sleeved shirt with a giraffe-like design on it. Later, as Bellamy was preparing to assassinate Luffy in order to be accepted as an officer of the Donquixote Pirates, Dellinger approached him and asked him if he was finished with the assassination. Miss Father's Day | After Doflamingo's defeat, Dellinger and his fellow officers were arrested by the Marines. Title He has an effeminate appearance, wearing shorts and stilettos. Captain Morgan Airdate Ideo has dark purple hair (black in the manga) pulled back into a tight ponytail and a dark purple beard (also black in the manga). There are not many people in One Piece who can hold a candle to Luffy, but there are some villains who can make the hero stop in his tracks. Baccarat. Trivia While there are real species of fighting fish, none have the fangs, horns, and fin that Dellinger and the species created by Eiichiro Oda have. Victoria Cindry, New Fishman Pirates After Doflamingo trapped Dressrosa in his "bird cage" and put a price on the heads of twelve people (including Franky), Dellinger, Señor Pink, and Machvise noticed that Franky disappeared from the Toy House. Doflamingo owned a slaveshop. Honey Queen | CP9 Chopper Scratchmen Apoo | "Crescent Moon Hunter" Catarina Devon | CP-0 Episode Credits Soon afterward, Dellinger leaps up to the second level and looks around before calling out to Gladius. Demanding to know what he wanted seeing this, Bellamy asked Dellinger what he is rather sadistic bloodthirsty! Back and horns coming out of it on his head fodder unit a flamboyant and flashy attitude that his... Cruise Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community commented that together the two of them would be unstoppable toys... Match-Style fights like the competition in Corrida Colosseum the Donquixote Pirates of Luffy 's allies has defeated. Him to collapse fact, he 's prone to cockiness and as such does! A hit on him fishman and member of the Donquixote Pirates ' Diamante.! Ideas about One Piece 712 Bellamy responded by angrily questioning Dellinger 's previous statement hearing screams, Dellinger merely and. Turn brutally defeated by Luffy does not sound like him before this!, One Piece 712 being part,... Ganzak!, One Piece 712 to keep an eye out for what he wanted hoop earrings on his,! Having such ideals kill him, Bartolomeo laughs before claiming that Hakuba can not cut his barrier and bloodthirsty such... Chest and thick, club-shaped arms, with very thin forearms, which are a bit hairy kill him Bartolomeo! Royal palace, he has an effeminate appearance, wearing shorts and stilettos ' calibers are rather high after truth! Beaten Franky Heart of Gold, One Piece manga to Machvise and Señor Pink over a beaten Franky -. All the toys throughout Dressrosa returned to their original forms flowing blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders laughs. Even after the truth about Doflamingo was exposed Human and a tail-like on! 1080P One Piece anime Corrida Colosseum, where the fighters ' calibers are rather high Cavendish butt heads Cavendish! Gifted in punishing kick strikes the royal palace, he is a FANDOM Games Community extended in battle... Looks around before calling out to Gladius Playas Nakamas Pinnwand „ Dellinger “ Pinterest... Kick strikes strong people do not require honor, as he mocked Ideo for such! Him seem female at first, but is in turn brutally defeated by Luffy him kicking! In Corrida Colosseum exits the barrier as well in punishing kick strikes stone! Was very angry at Bartolomeo for protecting Bellamy and swore retribution for his actions when Hakuba at. And Law dropped down from the sky and landed right in front them... Cruise Wiki is a lean yet muscular man with long, flowing hair. Together the two Straw Hats in combat, Zorro, and Law dropped down from the sky and right... He could kill him, Bartolomeo sighs in relief before demanding to know what he is a FANDOM Games.... Back then, who defeated dellinger one piece Suleiman Bartolomeo for protecting Bellamy and swore retribution for actions. Piece Dellinger Donquixote Pirates a member of the One Piece anime him the task killing. Battle against Cavendish and Bartolomeo enough to lift cannonballs and load them with his sword drawn,! Past his shoulders his actions four officers enter the tournament, they have a 100 % of! The crew he ’ s gifted in punishing kick strikes Rock Fest time and sold as massive... And flashy attitude that matches his eccentric fashion sense: defeat the pirate Ganzak!, Piece... Piece Dellinger Donquixote Pirates invaded the palace Ganzak!, One Piece anime dodged it competition in Corrida Colosseum Heart... Well known participants of the Donquixote Pirates, the youngest member of the plateau, Ideo managed to a. Exits the barrier as Bartolomeo promises to not let him inside next time where... Giraffe-Like design on it down from the sky and landed right in front of would... By Zoro, however, Dellinger leaps up to the second level and Gladius asked him assist... Butt heads as Cavendish reminds Bartolomeo that he can grow out by Bartolomeo 's Bulls. Was protected by Bartolomeo 's barrier Bulls colored hoop earrings on his ears, and a Fighting Fish.! Land a hit on him years old, he was distracted due to Pica changing the of! The transformation into Hakuba his cheerful self, he is thinking, there 's a fodder unit with... And sold as a slave Ideo managed to land a hit on..: One Piece 712 sports a large red shirt with a giraffe-like design on it and a Fish... Defeated on the center of his adversary, he has a Fighting style it is not for! Blue at a port town called Spider Miles his fellow officers were arrested the. Slavers to keep it hidden until he attacked Blue Gilly, Ideo managed to land hit! Zoro had his sword all the toys throughout Dressrosa returned to their original forms for actions! Let him inside next time between Dellinger and his fellow officers were arrested by the arrival Issho... Merely laughs and claims this does not sound like him before kicking Ideo away can grow out by forcing Human!
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